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Willy Wanker - Self Love Cards - 22 Cards - Novelty Gift

Willy Wanker - Self Love Cards - 22 Cards - Novelty Gift

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- 22 Cards
- Envelope designed Box

Dive into the time-honored tradition of bathroom reading with "Toilet Literature Cards - Quick Reads for Quiet Moments"! Born from the age-old practice of perusing shampoo labels and toothpaste tubes while attending to nature's call, this deck is your new bathroom companion. Each card is a mini-adventure, a snippet of humor, wisdom, or trivia, perfectly tailored for those moments of solitude on the throne.

Forget scrolling through your phone or staring blankly at the wall – these cards offer a delightful alternative to keep your mind entertained while your body takes care of business. Whether you're in for a quick pit stop or settling in for a longer session, there's a card to match every visit. From chuckle-inducing jokes to bizarre facts that you'll want to share at dinner (but maybe shouldn't), "Toilet Literature Cards" turn every bathroom break into a chance for enlightenment, or at least a good laugh.

So next time nature calls, be prepared to answer with a smile. "Toilet Literature Cards" are here to ensure your time on the pot is never for naught!

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