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Victorian Cabinet Card Tarot - Major Arcana - insights that are as relevant today as they would have been in the Victorian era

Victorian Cabinet Card Tarot - Major Arcana - insights that are as relevant today as they would have been in the Victorian era

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of human experience, the Victorian Cabinet Card Tarot Deck emerges as a unique and captivating tool for introspection and guidance. This deck, inspired by the aesthetic and sensibilities of the Victorian era, combines the rich tradition of tarot with the artistry and elegance of 19th-century cabinet cards, offering a window into the past while providing timeless insights.

The Victorian Cabinet Card Tarot Deck is a collection of 22 major arcana cards, each meticulously designed to reflect its traditional tarot meaning through the lens of Victorian imagery. The characters and scenes are captured in sepia tones, reminiscent of the photographic techniques of the time, and are framed by the ornate and intricate designs characteristic of Victorian art. This fusion of tarot symbolism and historical artistry invites users to embark on a journey that is both a reflection on personal growth and an exploration of a bygone era.

The Fool, marked as card 0, begins the journey with a young gentleman standing at the edge of an unseen cliff, embodying the spirit of adventure and the leap of faith into the unknown that the Fool represents. This card, like the others in the deck, is a masterpiece of storytelling, capturing the essence of its archetype with a Victorian twist. The attention to detail in the costume, the painted backdrop, and the inclusion of a small dog nipping at the gentleman's heels, all serve to immerse the reader in the narrative woven by the deck.

As the journey through the major arcana unfolds, each card reveals a new facet of the human experience, from the Magician's mastery over the elements to the High Priestess's serene wisdom. The Empress and Emperor embody the dual aspects of nurturing creativity and structured authority, while the Lovers and the Chariot explore themes of choice, partnership, and determination. Strength and the Hermit invite introspection on courage and wisdom, leading to the transformative experiences depicted in Death and the Tower. The deck culminates with the World, symbolizing completion and unity, bringing the journey full circle.

- 22 cards
- Envelope Box
- 22 Major Arcana

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