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The Wonderful Tarot of OZ - Major Arcana

The Wonderful Tarot of OZ - Major Arcana

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- 22 major Arcana cards
- Envelope box
- 350 gram paper

The 22 major arcana cards are graced with the enchanting and vibrant illustrations by W. W. Denslow, originating from the magical world of "The Wizard of Oz."

W. W. Denslow's artistry has been integral to bringing L. Frank Baum's iconic tale to life, casting a spell on readers with his vivid depictions of Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the fantastical realm of Oz. Denslow's illustrations, filled with color and emotion, have become emblematic of this classic story, shaping how generations envision the journey down the Yellow Brick Road.

In this reenvisioned take on the major arcana Tarot cards, Denslow's illustrations find a new, spiritual dimension. By intertwining the rich symbolism of Oz with the ancient wisdom of the Tarot, this deck opens the door to a fresh and mesmerizing interpretation of the Major Arcana's timeless archetypes. Whether a seasoned Tarot reader or a fan of the Oz saga, users will find themselves on a transformative journey, deciphering the mysteries of their readings amidst the backdrop of this beloved tale.

This deck symbolizes the fusion of a literary masterpiece with the age-old spiritual tradition of the Tarot, offering an exhilarating and innovative design for the Major Arcana that resonates with both nostalgia and profound insight.

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