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The Tarot of Peter Pan - Major Arcana

The Tarot of Peter Pan - Major Arcana

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- 22 major Arcana cards

- Envelope box

- 350 gram paper

The Tarot of Peter Pan is a delightful Tarot deck that draws inspiration from the classic story of Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie. Featuring the 22 Major Arcana cards, this deck is infused with the whimsy and magic of Neverland. Each card contains life-changing insights inspired by the characters and themes from the Peter Pan story.

As you explore the Tarot of Peter Pan, you'll embark on a journey to rediscover the childlike wonder and imagination that resides within you. It offers a fresh and enchanting perspective on the traditional Tarot, making it a perfect choice for those who wish to tap into the timeless allure of Peter Pan and his adventures.

Whether you're a fan of the story or seeking a unique Tarot experience, this deck promises to transport you to a world of fantasy and self-discovery.

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