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The Ogham Oracle - Celtic Oracle - Nordic Alphabet

The Ogham Oracle - Celtic Oracle - Nordic Alphabet

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- 26 cards
- Envelope box
- 350 gram paper

The Ogham Oracle is a profound and mystical deck grounded in the rich heritage of the Celtic Ogham alphabet, featuring 25 ancient symbols that have carried the wisdom of the Celts through the ages.

Originating from the Celtic tribes of Western Europe, the Ogham alphabet is much more than just a system of writing. Each symbol, or "few," corresponds to a specific tree or plant and carries with it deeply rooted spiritual and cultural meanings. These symbols served as a bridge between the natural world and the spiritual realm, embodying the Celts' reverence for nature and their understanding of the interconnectedness of all life.

The Ogham Oracle harnesses the power of these symbols to offer guidance and insight. Each card in the deck channels the energy and significance of a distinct Ogham few, providing a connection to the ancient Celtic world. For those who seek wisdom from bygone eras or who are drawn to the natural rhythms of the earth, this oracle offers a unique opportunity to commune with the age-old knowledge of the Celtic ancestors.

In essence, The Ogham Oracle is not just a divinatory tool; it is a portal to a time when nature and spirit were deeply intertwined, inviting users to tap into the enduring wisdom and magic of the Ogham symbols.

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