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The Flower Moon Tarot - 22 Major Arcana Cards - Divination tools

The Flower Moon Tarot - 22 Major Arcana Cards - Divination tools

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- Envelope Box
- 22 Major Arcana
- 2 Explanation Cards

The Flower Moon Tarot - Major Arcana is a captivating and unique tarot deck that draws its inspiration from the enchanting beauty and transformative energy of the Flower Moon. This special moon, typically occurring in May, symbolizes blossoming, fertility, and the burgeoning of life as nature awakens in full splendor. Each card in this Major Arcana set is meticulously designed to embody the essence of its traditional tarot archetype, infused with the vibrant, life-affirming energy of the Flower Moon.

The artwork harmoniously blends natural floral motifs with mystical symbols, creating a bridge between the earthly and the divine. The illustrations are rich with symbolic imagery, featuring a diverse array of flowers, each chosen for their specific meanings and connections to the card's themes. This attention to detail offers a fresh perspective on the classic tarot archetypes, encouraging introspection, growth, and the nurturing of one's potential.

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