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Ibiza Tarot

The Fab Four Oracle - 22 Oracle Cards

The Fab Four Oracle - 22 Oracle Cards

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- 24 Cards
- 350 gram paper
- Envelope box

This captivating deck imbued with the essence of the iconic band's music and philosophy. Each card bears a title inspired by a Beatles' song, resonating with the spirit of their timeless melodies. From Pepper's Melodic Muse to Penny's Prosperity Lane, these cards offer profound insights into life's journey, echoing the band's message of love, hope, and unity.

Through Lucy's Chromatic Insight and Strawberry Reverie, delve into the depths of perception and imagination, finding solace and inspiration amidst the chaos. Whether you're seeking guidance in times of change with Revelations of Change or embracing the power of friendship with Submarine Brotherhood, these cards provide clarity and encouragement.

With beautiful artwork and evocative titles, "The Fab Four Oracle Cards" invite you to embark on a mystical voyage of self-discovery, guided by the timeless wisdom of the Fab Four.

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