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The Divorced Butterfly Affirmation Cards

The Divorced Butterfly Affirmation Cards

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- 24 Cards

- 350 gram paper

- Envelope box

The divorced butterfly affirmation cards are a set of 22 humorous and sarcastic statements
designed to help individuals who are going through a divorce to cope with the emotional
and difficult process in a lighthearted way.

Each card features a different affirmation that emphasizes the idea of being free, strong,
and in charge of one's own happiness.

These affirmations are meant to be tongue-in-cheek,
and provide a comedic relief for those who might be struggling with the emotional weight of a divorce.

These cards are small enough to carry with you, making it easy to remind yourself of the positive aspects
of your new single life, and the ability to move on.

These affirmation cards are a perfect tool for anyone who is going through a divorce and could use a laugh,

a reminder that they are strong, capable, and in charge of their own happiness.


Materials: Love,Fun,More Fun,Ink
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