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Ibiza Tarot

The Divine Rainbow Oracle - 22 Oracle Cards

The Divine Rainbow Oracle - 22 Oracle Cards

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- 24 Cards
- 350 gram paper
- Envelope box

"The Divine Rainbow Oracle Deck" is a vibrant collection of 22 cards designed to illuminate your spiritual journey. Each card represents a unique aspect of the rainbow's spectrum, offering profound insights and guidance.

From the grounding energy of "The Root of Power" to the transformative wisdom of "Unity and Wholeness," these cards encompass the full range of human experience and emotion.

Whether you seek clarity, healing, or inspiration, this deck serves as a powerful tool for self-reflection and personal growth. The titles alone—like "Radiant Confidence," "Heart Healing," and "Spiritual Awakening"—evoke a sense of wonder and possibility.

Perfect for daily draws, meditative sessions, or as a companion in your spiritual practice, "The Divine Rainbow Oracle Deck" invites you to explore the colorful depths of your soul.

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