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The Black Tarot - About Meditation - 78 cards - Tarot - Tarot Deck - Fortune Telling - Divination tools

The Black Tarot - About Meditation - 78 cards - Tarot - Tarot Deck - Fortune Telling - Divination tools

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☾ 78 Cards

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"The Black Tarot - About Meditation" is a captivating and unique deck of tarot cards designed specifically to explore the profound practice of meditation. This exquisite set consists of 78 cards, each elegantly adorned with intricate black designs featuring iconic tarot symbols and associated keywords, ensuring quick and intuitive interpretation.

As you delve into the world of The Black Tarot, you will discover that it offers much more than traditional tarot readings. With a strong emphasis on meditation and mindfulness, each card is accompanied by a carefully chosen quote that serves as a source of inspiration and guidance on your spiritual journey.

The deck is intended to assist both beginners and seasoned practitioners in their quest for self-discovery and inner peace. The black color scheme of the cards symbolizes the deep, mysterious aspects of the mind and the profound nature of meditation. This aesthetic choice enhances the sense of introspection and tranquility that permeates each card, inviting you to explore your subconscious and tap into your inner wisdom.

Accompanying the deck is a comprehensive booklet that provides valuable insights into the practice of Tarot Reading.

"The Black Tarot - About Meditation" is more than a simple divination tool; it is a companion on your spiritual path, encouraging you to embrace the present moment, cultivate mindfulness, and awaken your inner potential. Whether you seek clarity, guidance, or a moment of stillness in the midst of chaos, this unique tarot deck offers a doorway to tranquility and self-reflection, inviting you to embark on a transformative journey within.

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