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The Awareness Oracle Cards

The Awareness Oracle Cards

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- 22 cards

- Envelope box

- 350 gram paper

The Awareness Oracle Cards are designed to be a guiding compass on your journey towards deeper self-awareness, consciousness, and personal growth. This unique 22-card deck combines intuitive insights, cosmic wisdom, and everyday practices to support you in exploring the landscape of your inner world.

With themes ranging from mindfulness and intuition to emotional intelligence and cosmic connection, these cards offer a rich tapestry of guidance for those seeking to understand themselves and the universe more fully. Each card provides not only a focal point for meditation and contemplation but also offers a personal message tailored to inspire growth, clarity, and transformation.

The beautiful illustrations and thoughtful messages in this deck resonate with seekers of all paths, providing gentle nudges and profound insights that prompt self-reflection, healing, and expansion. Whether you're a seasoned spiritual explorer or just beginning to awaken to the greater aspects of yourself, the Awareness Oracle Cards will serve as a meaningful tool to aid in your exploration.

Instructions are included to guide you on how to use the cards for personal guidance or in readings for others. This deck encourages you to go beyond the surface, tap into your inner wisdom, and embrace the infinite possibilities that lie within.

Experience the profound journey of self-discovery and let the Awareness Oracle Cards be a beacon of light as you navigate the path to a more conscious and connected life.


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