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The Age of Aquarius Oracle Cards - New Age Oracle

The Age of Aquarius Oracle Cards - New Age Oracle

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- 23 cards

- Envelope box

- 350 gram paper

The "Age of Aquarius Oracle Deck" is a collection of 22 beautifully crafted cards that symbolize the start of a new era of love, peace, and understanding. Inspired by the classic song "The Age of Aquarius," each card carries a unique message and meaning to help guide you on your personal journey.

This deck is perfect for those who are seeking spiritual growth, positive change, and self-discovery. The deck emphasizes the power of intuition, empathy, and positive thinking, encouraging you to embrace your authentic self and work towards harmony and understanding with those around you.

Whether you're a seasoned oracle card reader or just starting out, the "Age of Aquarius Oracle Deck" will provide you with insight and guidance as you navigate the challenges and opportunities of life. Enjoy!

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