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Super Tarot - 78 cards - Tarot

Super Tarot - 78 cards - Tarot

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☾ 78 Cards
☾ Box
☾ Booklet

"The Super Tarot: A Superhero Journey" is a dynamic and vibrant 78-card tarot deck that follows the traditional Rider-Waite tarot structure, reimagined through the lens of superhero mythology. Each card bursts with energy, color, and heroic symbolism, capturing the essence of epic battles, inner strength, and transformative journeys. The deck invites readers to embark on their own heroic quests, drawing inspiration and guidance from the archetypal figures and stories depicted in the cards.

Super Tarot is perfect for those who seek a tarot deck that combines traditional wisdom with the excitement and inspiration of superhero tales. It is ideal for readers who wish to explore their path through powerful imagery and heroic symbolism, offering guidance and insight for those embarking on their own epic adventures.

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