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Ito Jakuchu Tarot - Major Arcana

Ito Jakuchu Tarot - Major Arcana

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- 23 major Arcana cards
- Envelope box
- 350 gram paper

The Ito Jakuchu Tarot is a captivating collection that features 22 exquisite drawings crafted by the legendary Japanese artist, Ito Jakuchu. Each card is a testament to Jakuchu's exceptional skill and eye for detail.

Born in 1716 and active until 1800, Ito Jakuchu flourished during the mid-Edo period, a time when Japan practiced sakoku, a self-imposed isolation, severing most of its ties with the external world. Despite the nation's insularity, Jakuchu's artistry transcended boundaries. He held a profound fascination with nature, frequently choosing to depict traditionally Japanese subjects in his paintings, with a notable emphasis on chickens and a variety of other avian species.

What truly sets Jakuchu apart is not just his adherence to traditional themes but his audacious exploration of them. While his subject matter often reflected classic Japanese motifs, his execution of these themes was far from conventional. He delved into experimental techniques, playing with perspective and integrating modern stylistic elements that were ahead of his time. This intriguing juxtaposition of tradition and innovation makes the Ito Jakuchu Tarot a treasure trove for both art enthusiasts and Tarot practitioners, offering a bridge between ancient wisdom and contemporary insight.

A new Creation and exciting design for the classic Major Arcana Tarot Cards.

One of the most powerful ways of answering 'soul searching' questions is to use a Major Arcana Tarot spread.
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