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Gothic Moon Tarot -- Version 2 -- 78 cards -

Gothic Moon Tarot -- Version 2 -- 78 cards -

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☾ 78 Cards
☾ Box
☾ Booklet

**** This is the Second Version of the Gothic Moon ****
**** That doesn't Include Keywords or Icons ****

Dive into the mysterious and hauntingly beautiful world of the Gothic Moon Tarot Deck. This 78-card deck combines traditional tarot symbolism with gothic-inspired art, creating an evocative and deeply introspective experience for both seasoned tarot readers and newcomers.

Each card in the Gothic Moon Tarot Deck features dark, moody illustrations that capture the essence of gothic aesthetics. The characters and scenes are meticulously detailed, with a blend of eerie and enchanting elements that invite the reader to explore the deeper, shadowy aspects of their psyche.

Experience the haunting beauty of the Gothic Moon Tarot Deck and let your readings be guided by the dark, evocative illustrations of each beautifully crafted card.

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