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Gnomes Tarot - Major Arcana

Gnomes Tarot - Major Arcana

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- 24 cards
- Envelope box
- 350 gram paper

The Gnomes Tarot - Major Arcana is a whimsical and enchanting deck that brings to life the mythological creatures known as gnomes, connecting their magical essence with the traditional meanings of the Major Arcana. Gnomes, introduced by Paracelsus in the 16th century, have been a part of Renaissance magic, alchemy, and modern fantasy literature, often depicted as diminutive spirits associated with the earth and nature.

Each card in the Gnomes Tarot features enchanting illustrations of gnomes, skillfully crafted to resonate with the symbolism and energy of the corresponding Major Arcana card. The deck uses keywords to distill the essence of each card, making it accessible and easy to understand.

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