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Ibiza Tarot

Fragmented Reality Tarot - 78 cards

Fragmented Reality Tarot - 78 cards

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☾ 78 Cards
☾ Box
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The Fragmented Reality Tarot is a bold and innovative tarot deck that redefines traditional tarot imagery through a unique blend of Cubism, Surrealism, and modern digital art. Each card in this deck captures the essence of life's multifaceted nature, presenting a kaleidoscope of perspectives that challenge and inspire the seeker.

The Fragmented Reality Tarot is designed for those who seek to explore the complexities and paradoxes of life. It challenges you to see beyond the surface, to question, and to embrace the multiple truths that coexist within any situation. Whether you are a seasoned tarot practitioner or a curious newcomer, this deck offers a rich and transformative journey into the heart of fragmented realities and the beauty of diverse perspectives.

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