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Eternal Guardians - The Hindu Deities and their Powers

Eternal Guardians - The Hindu Deities and their Powers

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- 22 Cards
- 350 gram paper
- Envelope box

This enchanting deck features 22 intricately illustrated cards, each dedicated to a prominent Hindu deity.
Discover the remarkable tales and ancient wisdom associated with gods and goddesses.

Every card showcases the deity's unique attributes, characteristics, and symbolic representations, bringing their divine presence to life.

Experience the power and grace of each deity as you delve into their individual powers and roles within Hindu cosmology.
Gain insight into the divine purpose and symbolism behind their associated animals, weapons, and sacred objects,
which are artistically depicted with meticulous attention to detail.

This stunning deck serves not only as a captivating visual journey but also as a spiritual tool for self-reflection and guidance.

Each card can be used for meditation, contemplation, and divination, allowing you to connect with the energy and wisdom of these divine beings.

Let the eternal guardians guide you on your spiritual path, offering inspiration, protection, and profound insights along the way.

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