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Be a Man - The No-BS Guide to Growing Up! - 22 Cards

Be a Man - The No-BS Guide to Growing Up! - 22 Cards

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- 22 Cards
- Envelope designed Box

Introducing "Be a Man!" - the deck that throws a hilarious uppercut at the glass jaw of traditional manliness. Each card is a rib-tickling homage to the outrageous "do's" and "don'ts" that supposedly define a real man. Ever tried to fix something with duct tape when you clearly needed a professional? Or how about grunting in approval instead of using actual words? Yep, "Be a Man!" has got you covered.

This deck isn't just a set of instructions on how to grow a metaphorical beard overnight; it's a comedic roast of every man's battle with the unwritten rules of manhood. Whether it's turning a simple cold into the flu of the century, or refusing to throw away underwear that's holding on by a single thread, "Be a Man!" celebrates the silly side of being stoically, ridiculously male.

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