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Babaji's Spiritual Freedom Oracle - 22 Oracle cards

Babaji's Spiritual Freedom Oracle - 22 Oracle cards

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- 24 Cards
- 350 gram paper
- Envelope box

The Babaji Oracle Cards offer a profound journey into the realms of wisdom, spirituality, and self-discovery. Each of the 22 beautifully illustrated cards, adorned with captivating artwork, serves as a doorway to deeper insight and understanding. From the gentle guidance of "Guidance" to the profound truth of "Eternal Soul," these cards invite you to explore themes such as compassion, balance, gratitude, and divine connection.

Whether you seek clarity in times of uncertainty, healing in moments of distress, or inspiration for your spiritual path, this deck serves as a trusted companion on your journey. With its evocative imagery and timeless wisdom, the Babaji Oracle Cards offer a pathway to profound transformation, empowering you to tap into your inner wisdom and embrace the fullness of your divine potential.

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