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22 Women and Art Tarot - Major Arcana

22 Women and Art Tarot - Major Arcana

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- 22 major Arcana cards
- Envelope box
- 350 gram paper

The 22 Major Arcana cards have been reimagined and beautifully crafted to showcase the masterpieces of 22 outstandingly talented women from the world of art. Each card is a testament to the creativity and genius of these female artists, who have each carved their unique niches in the annals of art history. Alongside the artwork, every card is also imprinted with a magical affirmation, designed to inspire, empower, and enlighten.

This collection is more than just a Tarot deck; it's a revolutionary intersection of art and divination. While it retains the foundational essence of the classic Major Arcana Tarot Cards, its design and ethos are fresh, contemporary, and powerfully feminine. The inclusion of these female artists turns the deck into not only a tool for introspection but also a celebration of women's contributions to art.

When you find yourself at a crossroads or are seeking answers to the deeper questions in life, this Major Arcana Tarot spread can serve as a compass. With the combined power of timeless Tarot wisdom and the artistic genius of these women, each card reading becomes a transformative journey, guiding the seeker towards clarity, understanding, and inner peace.

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