Collection: Ibiza Tarot

A combination of Tarot, Numerology, Astrology,
Bach Flower Remedies, the Phoenician Alphabet
all brought together on our beautiful island of Ibiza,
with our local deities, symbols and monuments.

A way of learning more about Ibiza, ourselves, our past, present and future,
with practical solutions and emotional clarity in the form of Bach Flower remedies
with their corresponding characteristics.

Ibiza has always been a place of magic, rest and revelry.
A place of conflux of ideas, cultures and spiritual energies.
In our personal journey we have created a synergy out of our very own life paths.
We met in Goa and Ibiza, a Roman of Incan descent, an Israeli artist,
a wandering numerologist, son of an Astrologist and Tarot reader
together a Swiss creative and organised mind...catalysed into a physical,
meta-physical, practical, esoteric, learning tool.


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