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The Tarot Of Pissarro - Major Arcana

The Tarot Of Pissarro - Major Arcana

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- 22 major Arcana cards

- Envelope box

- 350 gram paper

The Tarot of Pissarro is a visionary Tarot deck that beautifully blends the timeless wisdom of the Major Arcana with the exquisite artwork of Camille Pissarro, a prominent figure in the Impressionist art movement. This Tarot deck features 22 Major Arcana cards, each adorned with one of Pissarro's magnificent paintings.

Camille Pissarro's art is celebrated for its vibrant colors, masterful use of light, and profound emotional depth. By combining his artwork with the Major Arcana, this Tarot deck offers a unique and inspiring way to explore the archetypal symbols and meanings of the Tarot.

As you immerse yourself in the Tarot of Pissarro, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual insight. Each card not only carries the wisdom of the Tarot but also resonates with the emotional and aesthetic power of Pissarro's paintings. Whether you're an art lover, a Tarot enthusiast, or simply seeking guidance and inspiration, this Tarot deck provides a fresh and captivating perspective on the ancient tradition of Tarot reading.

The Tarot of Pissarro is a testament to the enduring beauty of art and its ability to convey deep truths and profound insights. It's a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and creativity to their Tarot practice.

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