Collection: The Ogham Oracle

Ogham is an ancient Celtic script that was used primarily in Ireland during the early medieval period. It consists of a series of lines or notches carved into stone, wood, or other materials, and was used to record both secular and religious texts.

In terms of spiritual use, Ogham was often associated with divination and communication with the spiritual world. Each letter of the Ogham alphabet corresponds to a specific tree or plant, which was believed to have its own spiritual properties and associations. By casting or interpreting Ogham symbols, practitioners could gain insight into various aspects of their lives, such as their health, relationships, or career prospects.

Here are a few examples of how Ogham has been used for spiritual purposes:


  1. Healing: The Ogham symbol for the rowan tree, known as luis, was often used in healing rituals. Rowan was believed to have protective properties and was associated with healing and regeneration.

  2. Protection: The Ogham symbol for the holly tree, known as tinne, was used for protection against negative energy and harmful spirits. Holly was also believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

  3. Guidance: The Ogham symbol for the oak tree, known as dair, was associated with wisdom and guidance. Oak was believed to be a sacred tree and was often used in rituals for divination and spiritual insight.

  4. Love: The Ogham symbol for the apple tree, known as quert, was used in rituals related to love and relationships. Apple was believed to have romantic and sensual properties and was associated with fertility and abundance.

Overall, Ogham is a fascinating aspect of Celtic spirituality that offers unique insights into the beliefs and practices of ancient Celtic cultures. Its use in divination and spiritual communication continues to be a source of inspiration for many modern practitioners.