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The Lebowski Tarot - Major Arcana

The Lebowski Tarot - Major Arcana

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- 22 major Arcana cards
- Envelope box
- 350 gram paper

Immerse yourself in the eccentric world of "The Big Lebowski" with The Lebowski Tarot - Major Arcana. This 22-card deck masterfully combines the iconic characters and scenes from the cult classic film with the timeless archetypes of the Major Arcana, creating a unique and entertaining Tarot experience.


* Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski
* Walter Sobchak
* Maude Lebowski
* Donny Kerabatsos
* effrey "The Big" Lebowski
* Brandt
* Bunny Lebowski
* Woo
* Treehorn thug
* Kieffer, the nihilists
* Smokey
* Dude's Landlord
* Jesus Quintana
* Knox Harrington
* The Stranger
* Da Fino
* the Malibu police chief
* coffee shop waitress
* Tony the Chauffeur
* Gary the Bartender
* Pilar
* Funeral Director

A new Creation and exciting design for the classic Major Arcana Tarot Cards.

One of the most powerful ways of answering 'soul searching' questions
is to use a Major Arcana Tarot spread.
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