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Nagai Tarot - Kanji Tarot - Major Arcana - Kanji oracle

Nagai Tarot - Kanji Tarot - Major Arcana - Kanji oracle

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- 22 major Arcana cards
- Envelope box
- 350 gram paper

The Nagai Tarot is a compelling deck rooted in the intricate tapestry of the 22 symbolic representations and profound meanings inherent in Japanese Kanji. Each card in this deck mirrors the depth and layers of meaning found within these characters, offering a unique lens through which to interpret and understand the Tarot's messages.

Kanji, a logographic script, is not just a means of communication; it's a window into the cultural and historical soul of Japan. Unlike alphabetic scripts where characters represent sounds, each Kanji symbolizes an idea or concept. With an astounding repertoire of over 50,000 symbols, the complexity and richness of Kanji are unparalleled. However, the vastness of this script is streamlined in daily life, as most Japanese individuals utilize approximately 2,000 kanji for routine communication.

The Nagai Tarot, by integrating these symbolic Kanji characters, offers Tarot enthusiasts a chance to dive deep into the world of Japanese thought and philosophy. With each draw of a card, one not only engages with the traditional Tarot wisdom but also with the millennia-old essence of Japanese culture and language, making every reading a journey of cultural exploration and introspection.

Geisha cover Art by: Fin dac

A new Creation and exciting design for the classic Major Arcana Tarot Cards.

One of the most powerful ways of answering 'soul searching' questions is to use a Major Arcana Tarot spread.
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