Collection: Carmen Graf

Carmen's journey to becoming the founder and project manager of IBIZA TAROT was not a direct one. Before starting this project, she had worked for years as a hairdresser and even owned a shop with a team of employees. Her work as a hairdresser gave her a unique perspective on human interactions, as she saw people at their most vulnerable and listened to their stories on a daily basis.

Through her work as a hairdresser and owning a shop, Carmen developed a deep understanding of the human experience. She saw how people struggled with relationships, work, and personal challenges, and often felt lost and unsure about their future. Carmen became interested in spirituality and tarot card reading as a way to offer guidance and support to her clients beyond just a haircut or a beauty treatment.

Carmen's passion for spirituality grew, and she eventually decided to pursue her dream of starting her own project that combined tarot card reading with the beauty of Ibiza. She wanted to create a unique and inviting space where people could feel comfortable seeking guidance and support from tarot readers in a relaxed and beautiful setting.

As a former business owner, Carmen had the skills and experience needed to start and manage a new venture. She knew how to manage finances, hire and train employees, and market her project to attract customers. Her experience in the beauty industry also gave her insight into the importance of creating a strong brand identity and providing exceptional customer service.

With her passion for spirituality, her experience as a business owner, and her understanding of the human experience, Carmen was well-positioned to start IBIZA TAROT. She carefully planned every aspect of the project, from designing the website to hiring the best tarot readers on the island. Her attention to detail and commitment to quality have been critical in ensuring that IBIZA TAROT offers a unique and unforgettable experience for its clients.

Carmen's journey to becoming the founder and project manager was not a direct one, but her experiences as a hairdresser and business owner gave her the skills and insights needed to create a successful venture. Her passion for spirituality, her attention to detail, and her understanding of the human experience have been critical in making IBIZA TAROT a success. Carmen's story is an inspiration to anyone looking to pursue their passions and turn their dreams into reality.