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Three Little Birds - Oracle Cards

Three Little Birds - Oracle Cards

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- 24 cards
- Envelope box
- 350 gram paper

The Three Little Birds Oracle Deck is an enchanting collection of 22 cards, each offering a unique message of hope, comfort, and resilience. Drawing inspiration from the soothing lyrics of a renowned song that has touched hearts worldwide, this deck carries its uplifting mantra - "Don't worry, 'cause every little thing is gonna be alright."

The cards feature poignant titles that encapsulate the spirit of serenity and harmony. These include "Sunrise Smile", "Three Little Birds", "Melody of Truth", "Resilience", and "The Messenger", among others. Each card contains an empowering message designed to assuage worries, encourage faith, and uplift the spirit.

Accompanying these comforting words are evocative images that further reinforce the message of each card. They serve to visually represent the card's title and underlying theme, providing a layer of emotional resonance that complements the written word. From the serene lake of "Serenity" to the ascending balloons of "Unburden", the images are chosen to foster a sense of tranquility and peace.

The deck is designed as a tool for self-reflection, mindfulness, and emotional healing. It can be used in various ways - as a source of daily inspiration, a guide for meditation, or an aid in decision-making and personal growth. By connecting with the cards, users can tune in to their inner wisdom and navigate life's challenges with grace and confidence.

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