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New Creations

a fascinating and captivating concept
that promises to create
a sense of magic and wonder
in your life.

Imagine a set of Tarot or Oracle cards
that have the power to unlock
hidden potential and guide you
towards a path of
self-discovery and enlightenment.

Famous Artists Tarot

Affirmation Cards

  • Melchior Arnold

    Melchior Arnold is a Certified IQM Practitioner, MindJung Mentor, Coach, Quantum Alchemist, and Dr. Joe Dispenza student who is dedicated to helping people achieve their full potential and live a life of freedom, joy, and fulfillment.

  • Jeff Carreira

    Jeff Carreira is a contemporary spiritual teacher, writer, and visionary who has dedicated his life to exploring the mysteries of consciousness and the nature of reality.

  • Amy Edelstein

    Amy Edelstein is a contemporary spiritual teacher, writer, and social activist who has devoted her life to helping people awaken to their true potential and make a positive impact in the world.

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Spanish Spirit


Ibiza Tarot - The Oracle of Tanit is a unique 22-card tarot deck that is inspired by the spiritual traditions and history of the Spanish island of Ibiza. The deck is designed to honor the ancient goddess Tanit and her connection to the island's rich cultural heritage.

The Black & Gold Series

The Nordic Runes Series

Hebrew Letters of Wisdom

The Ogham Oracle Series

The Numerology Tarot Experience

The Mystic Horoscope

  • Kisses From Ibiza

    "Our Etsy channel was our first source of support and gave us the motivation to keep going."

    Kisses from IBIZA 
  • Ibiza Tarot Boutique

    "Thanks to our second Etsy channel, we were able to expand our reach and connect with a larger audience through translation."

    Ibiza Tarot Boutique 
  • The Insight Club

    "Our third Etsy channel has allowed us to refresh and revitalize old ideas, giving us the chance to remix and create anew."

    The Insight Club