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The Majestic Path Tarot - A Beginner's Guide to the Major Arcana - Tarot Gift - Mystic Tarot - Tarot

The Majestic Path Tarot - A Beginner's Guide to the Major Arcana - Tarot Gift - Mystic Tarot - Tarot

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☾ Major Arcana Cards

☾ 24 cards

☾ Envelope box

☾ 350 gram paper

"The Majestic Path: A Beginner's Guide to the Major Arcana" is an illuminating and comprehensive handbook designed to introduce newcomers to the captivating world of tarot and specifically, the profound realm of the Major Arcana.

Embark on a transformative journey as you delve into the enigmatic symbolism and archetypal energies of the Major Arcana cards. This guide serves as your trusted companion, providing insightful explanations, practical interpretations, and meaningful exercises to deepen your understanding and connection with these influential cards.

Unveil the hidden wisdom behind each card as you explore the 22 archetypes that make up the Major Arcana. From the mysterious Fool to the enlightening World, each card carries a unique essence and profound message. Gain clarity on their individual meanings, learn to interpret their symbolism, and discover how they relate to your own life experiences and personal growth.

"The Majestic Path" offers a step-by-step approach, ensuring that beginners can easily navigate the complexities of the Major Arcana. Through engaging explanations, visual representations, and relatable examples, you will develop a solid foundation in tarot reading and cultivate a deeper connection with the cards.

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of the Major Arcana as you learn how to unlock their insights and guidance. Develop your intuition, tap into your inner wisdom, and witness the profound impact these archetypes can have on your spiritual journey.
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