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Sacred Connection - The Jewish Prayers Oracle

Sacred Connection - The Jewish Prayers Oracle

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- 24 cards
- Envelope box
- 350 gram paper

This uniquely crafted Jewish Prayers Oracle Deck is designed to inspire and uplift, serving as a spiritual guide in your journey of self-discovery and connection with the Divine. With 22 beautifully illustrated cards, each based on a key Jewish prayer, this deck allows you to explore the depth and wisdom of Jewish liturgy in a personal and intuitive way.

Each card features a specific prayer, from the most sacred Shema Israel to the deeply reflective Vidui, revealing the profound layers of Jewish spiritual tradition. The accompanying personal messages invite introspection, offering spiritual insights, and practical guidance, making this deck an accessible tool for personal growth and transformation.

Use this deck to meditate, seek clarity, or find comfort during challenging times. Whether you are new to Jewish prayers or have been reciting them for years, this oracle deck can deepen your understanding, enrich your prayer practice, and guide you to greater self-awareness and spiritual growth.

The Jewish Prayers Oracle Deck is more than just a collection of cards; it is a bridge between the ancient wisdom of Judaism and the challenges of modern life. May it serve as a companion on your spiritual journey, bringing light, wisdom, and peace into your life.
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