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Les Misérables Oracle - Based on Victor Hugo's masterpiece

Les Misérables Oracle - Based on Victor Hugo's masterpiece

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Dive deep into the timeless wisdom of Victor Hugo's magnum opus, "Les Misérables", with this specially curated oracle deck. Each of the 22 cards beautifully captures the essence and themes of the novel, presenting both direct quotes and insightful personal messages. This deck serves as a bridge between the profound truths of a literary classic and the contemporary seeker of inner guidance and reflection.

From the tales of Jean Valjean's redemption, to the undying spirit of love portrayed by Fantine and Cosette, to the fiery passion of the revolutionaries, these cards resonate with the myriad emotions, struggles, and joys of life. Perfect for meditation, contemplation, or as a daily dose of inspiration, "Echoes of Les Misérables" is a soulful companion for every journey.

Whether you're a fan of the timeless novel or simply in search of profound wisdom to navigate life's challenges, this deck will illuminate your path and enrich your spirit. Delve into the deep lessons of love, justice, sacrifice, and redemption, and let the "Echoes of Les Misérables" guide you towards your own inner truths.

- 22 cards
- Envelope Box

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