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Ibiza Tarot

Fortune Cookie Oracle

Fortune Cookie Oracle

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- 22 cards
- Envelope box
- 350 gram paper
- Fortune cookie Recipe

The Fortune Cookie Oracle is an intriguing and delightful deck that draws inspiration from the wisdom found within fortune cookies. This deck is based on 22 Fortune Cookie Wisdom Quotes, each thoughtfully paired with a card from the Major Arcana to create a unique and insightful Tarot experience.

A fortune cookie is a crisp, sugary cookie that contains a piece of paper with a message, often in the form of an aphorism or a vague prophecy. While commonly associated with Chinese restaurants in the United States, the origins of fortune cookies can be traced back to Japan, where they are known as tsujiura senbei or omikuji senbei. Unlike the smaller fortune cookies familiar to many, the Japanese versions are larger and contain lines of poetry.

In the Fortune Cookie Oracle, each Major Arcana card features a carefully selected wisdom quote akin to those found in fortune cookies. These quotes are designed to resonate with the traditional meanings and symbolism of the corresponding Tarot card.

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