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Divine Illumination - Theosophic Tarot - Major Arcana

Divine Illumination - Theosophic Tarot - Major Arcana

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- 22 major Arcana cards
- Envelope box
- 300 gram paper

The "Divine Illumination - Theosophic Tarot" stands as a testament to the profound insights drawn from Theosophical principles and beliefs, inviting seekers into a realm of higher understanding and spiritual enlightenment. With each card, this deck not only encapsulates the traditional Tarot symbolism but also weaves in the wisdom inspired by the renowned artist Jean Delville.

Comprising 22 major arcana cards, the "Divine Illumination - Theosophic Tarot" breathes life into the concepts that underpin Theosophy. Crafted with care, each card emanates a message resonating with the interconnectedness of all life, the soul's evolution, and the pursuit of divine knowledge.

As you embark on this journey, "The Magician" beckons, embodying unity within existence. Progressing through the deck, you'll encounter "The High Priestess" inviting introspection and deeper connections to your inner wisdom. Through the artistic lens of Jean Delville, each card becomes a portal into Theosophical ideals like inner divinity, universal compassion, and ethical living.

In every intricate detail of the "Divine Illumination - Theosophic Tarot," Jean Delville's influence is apparent, bringing his unique artistic vision to blend seamlessly with the spiritual teachings. From "The Empress" nurturing all life to "The World" celebrating universal brotherhood, each card narrates a story of profound insight and growth.

Guided by the wisdom of Theosophy and the artistic brilliance of Jean Delville, this deck encourages you to embrace your role as a co-creator in your reality, intricately tied to the cosmos. Beyond its role in divination, the cards serve as mirrors reflecting your journey, offering guidance and revelations on your path to self-discovery, inner harmony, and enlightenment.

With its vibrant symbolism, evocative imagery, and messages deeply rooted in both Theosophical principles and the artistic legacy of Jean Delville, the "Divine Illumination - Theosophic Tarot" provides a transformative experience. Whether you're new to Theosophy or well-versed in its teachings, this deck unveils a profound connection to timeless truths, inviting you to explore the depths of existence in tandem with the renowned artist's inspired vision.

A new Creation and exciting design for the classic Major Arcana Tarot Cards.

One of the most powerful ways of answering 'soul searching' questions
is to use a Major Arcana Tarot spread.
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