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90's Music Tarot - From '90s jams to Tarot revelations

90's Music Tarot - From '90s jams to Tarot revelations

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Dive deep into the nostalgia of the '90s with "90's Music Tarot", a unique Tarot deck that marries the mysticism of the major arcana with iconic hit songs from the decade.

Each card is infused with the essence of a '90s anthem, offering a harmonious blend of traditional Tarot symbolism and the unforgettable melodies that defined a generation.

Whether you're a Tarot enthusiast, a '90s music lover, or both, this deck promises a soulful journey back in time, inviting introspection through the rhythms and lyrics that shaped an era.

Embrace the magic of the '90s and let the cards guide you on a musical voyage of self-discovery.

- 22 cards
- Envelope Box
- 22 Major Arcana

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