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Animal Tarot 
Ibiza wildlife Oracle 


……. Invocation

……. Introduction

……. How this Deck Was Born

……. Ibiza

……. Tarot

……. Animal Guidance

……. Energizing a New Deck of Cards

……. Preparing for a Session

……. Shuffling and Laying-down the Cards

……. Basic Spreads

……. Doing a Reading

……. Reading the Cards

……. The Major Arcana

……. The Court Cards by Suits and Elements

……. Conclusion

……. Gratitude


Invocation to Great Spirit & Ibiza's Wild Life, carrying Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom, with Gratitude for the inspiration.


"Great Spirit,

Please bless us as we ask the cards for guidance.

May our hearts be pure, our communication clear, and the answers wise, as we venture into the depth of Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom.

May the cards we pull help guide us on our journey through Life and fill us with wisdom, faith and insight.

May you ALL continue to be respected and loved as you deserve for the eons of protection and guidance provided by you.


Thank you ALL for your answers, guidance, insight and protection.


Bless ALL Wild Life & Bless Ibiza!"




Ibiza Animal Tarot, The Power Animal deck, came about through walking up and down the endless trails of this wondrous Island, and the close encounters with Ibiza's Wild Life resident representatives.

As we absorbed the magic and wisdom of the Island and its many creatures, we realized that all this knowledge can be combined with the potency and the ancient wisdom of the Tarot.

We decided to create 38 cards, for our more significant processes in life, represented by the powerful Major Arcana and the four Suits' Court Cards. And so, we sat down and waited for 38 Power Animals to come forth and share their unique teachings, and they did…

Thanks to their openness and generosity, we can now present you with the Ibiza Animal Tarot Cards, The Power Animal deck, corresponding with the 22 Major Arcana cards, and another 16, representing the Court Cards of the Four Suits; Wands, Cups, Pentacles and Swords.


Our intention is to provide you with a wider spectrum experience as you ask the cards for advice, guidance or simple affirmations.

They make a perfect gift to all Nature lovers who want to learn the wisdom of Ibiza's first and ongoing inhabitants, while looking for insights regarding their personal processes and growth as they walk throughoutLife.

Each animal and its specific teaching were chosen in accordance to its correspondence with either one of the 22 Major Arcana, or one of the 16 Court Cards, matching Nature's ancient wisdom to that of the traditional Tarot cards.


We chose to represent only the cards related to the more significant processes in Life, the archetypical experiences and the obstacle to overcome as we walk our path throughout Life. This journey from Birth to Death and all that is between had always been a part of our Greater Consciousness throughout history, regardless of culture, color, creed, race or anything else.


One of the goals of Divination, of reading the Tarot cards, is to take a conscious look at what is going on in the subconscious mind. And then, with our eyes open, become aware of any negative thoughts before it manifests in reality and/or inform our intuitive mind that it is time to consciously prepare for a potential upcoming development. The cards can also provide you with psychological or spiritual insights, and not necessarily manifest as potential events.


Sometimes the cards may not give you an answer, but rather point to other issues in process or others you should attend to; for example, let's say you ask about a relationship, and the cards choose to highlight your values, resources or job instead of your emotions, bringing forth important issues you need to deal with first if you actually want the relationship to work.

The cards provide us with a snapshot of our current state, and may indicate the direction we will potentially be heading to if we continue along the path without realizing the needed changes.

Once we have gained awareness of the underlying messages regarding our process, we can then become proactive and make the relevant changes in our lives in order to achieve the growth we seek.

 We ask you to remember that you are a co-creator of your own life along with your cosmic underlying destiny energy, which is ever transformable. Our true power lies in our reactions to whatever Life throws our way in every moment of our time on Earth.

 We suggest you play along with anything that comes up and keep track of what unravels on your path…

 We wish you wondrous and magical discoveries on your journey through direct communication with your Higher-Self.


How this Deck Was Born

The Ibiza Animal Tarot was born out of great love and respect to Great Spirit & Mother Earth, to the beloved island of Ibiza and its many wondrous creatures, to ancient traditions and the wisdom carried by all living things.

It was designed to serve as a friendly guide, one that may help understand the potential opportunities presented daily by Great Spirit, and we ask you to keep an open mind but also an open heart to the wisdom its many messengers have to offer.

Animals, the powers they hold and their insightful teachings have always been a great source of inspiration, encountered through learning about Nature related belief systems of many indigenous cultures in all corners of the world, and also through first-hand experiences in our own humble lives.

Take all that, then add the endless inspiration and natural grace that are so abundant on this beautiful island of Ibiza, and you will surely understand why we simply had to create this deck.

We began by combining the elements of Nature and the ancient wisdom carried by its many creatures with the 22 Major Arcana and 16 Court Cards of the Traditional Tarot, and then we went on to apply it all on some38 local Wild Life members that reside on this magical island and had come forth to be a part of this deck.

With endless gratitude for the honor that we feel has fallen upon us, we are very happy to present you with the Ibiza Animal Tarot, and we hope it will provide you with the knowledge, guidance and insight you need.



When most of you think of Ibiza, the White Island, it would most likely be the stunning beaches, the vibrant night-life, the music, the party scene and the lifestyle of it all.

What many do not realize is that Ibiza has been around and inhabited by both animals and humans practically forever, or at least for more than 2,000 years, and was an actual part of most major empires that ruled the Mediterranean.

With the years, especially in the past two-three decades, the island has gained the reputation of a place of rest, revelry and inspiration, alongside its growth as a center of spirituality, alternative health and well-being to balance the sometimes overwhelming Hedonism of the night-life.

At its beaches and in its magic-filled trails, stretching throughout the land,you may encounter some of its magical creatures, and in its night-clubs and city streets you may encounter the human animals…



Tarot cards have been around for many centuries, being the more sophisticated version of the Divination tools for gaining insight into Life's mysteries for a very long time now.

The first recorded deck appeared in northern Italy in the middle of the 15thcentury, and quickly became popular. By the 17th century, refined reading guides were added and popularity spread even further, particularly throughout France.

Just as we live in constant duality; day-night, action-reaction etc. the cards may also carry positive or negative meaning, depending on the surrounding cards of the spread and whether the cards were pulled and laid in their upright position, or reversed.

Each card carries messages and insights that are presented to help increase our awareness of the cosmic forces surrounding us, and how they influence our individual paths.

Important reminder – regarding any and all Tarot cards – there are no evil or unlucky cards! What they are is indicators; pointing to potential ongoing or coming cycles, reflecting that which may already be strongly felt, or directing the querent to new potential learning processes.


Animal Guidance

The belief that all of Nature's creatures inhabit a soul, each embodying unique wisdom, guidance, magic and power, is one that exists since the beginning of time and is present in many of the indigenous cultures, if not in all. The most commonly known would be the Native Americans and the original Australians, the Aboriginals, both cultures embrace all elements and animal forms around them as guides and masters, here to help us walk our paths with our eyes wide open and our heads held high. We alsobelieve that the Four Elements and the Animal Kingdom carry messages and guidelines that can help us go through our life lessons with more confidence and ease. And, as big believers and lovers of Nature, Ibiza and Tarot, we decided it is time to melt these elements together and create this deck.


Energizing a New Deck of Cards

The cards can be used as a game, or you can deliberately infuse them with the energy of the Animal Kingdom and Great Spirit and use them for Divination purposes. We created them with focused energy for you to decide which way to use them, whether you are an experienced Tarot reader or a non-experienced explorer. Whichever way you choose to use this deck, we ask you to handle the cards with respect and care.

One way of energizing a new deck is to lay a piece of cloth (one you will keep using for your readings), spread the cards face-up and ask for the cards to be blessed so they will bring healing and peace to those who seek their help and protection; the prayer can be accompanied by bell-ringing, shakers, feathers, crystals and so on, and you can also use one of your own well-used decks, or borrow one from a trusted friend, and lay each card face downwards on its companion in the new deck.

Keep your cards safely wrapped and stored, and bear in mind that it is recommended to energetically clean the cards before and after each reading.


Preparing for a Session

Choose a secluded, quiet place for your reading. Before you begin, sit for a few minutes and close your eyes. Let your thoughts pass by and allow them to subside, then ask Great Spirit and your inner being for guidancefor you and/or the querent.


Shuffling and Laying-down the Cards

Mix the cards well as you focus on the intention of the reading, and remember, the more specified and clear your questions are, the more precise will be the answer.

You can then either spread the cards face-down in a half-fan shape, allowing the querent or yourself to pull as many cards as required for the spread in question, or you can place them in a pile to cut the deck in three, and then choose one of the piles to pull the cards from; when you pull the cards, use your left hand for matters regarding emotional, mental or spiritual matters, and your right hand for issues related to money, jobs or earthly possessions.

Lay the cards face-down in their positions according to the lay-out you choose, and then turn them face-up.


Basic Spreads

One Card Spread – pick a card for a specific question or just to see what energy is in store for you today.

Two Cards Spread – pick one card with your left hand for Yin (internal and/or emotional insights), and one card with you right hand for Yang (external and/or action instructions).

Three Cards Spreadpick three cards and lay them down from left to right in the following order: one for the PAST, one for the PRESENT and one for the FUTURE.


These simple spreads will help you gain insight about the present moment, as well as the past and the future potentials. If a question is based on a choice, then pull three more cards in the same sequence; past, present, future, to see what other potential choices are out there.


Doing a Reading

Most importantly: respect your cards and bring yourself to a balanced state.

Invoke the protection and guidance of Great Spirit and its glorious Animal Kingdom and visualize your 'channels' opening (Third Eye and/or Crown Chakra), imagine yourself and/or the querent within a circle of light for protection, and ask for a blessing in your own way.

Begin by shuffling the deck and asking your question – if you do not have a specific question, you may simply ask your cards, "What messages do you have for me today?" Then cut the deck or spread it in a fan shape, pull the cards that call you, lay them out in the same order you pulled them and place them in the positions of the spread you chose.


Reading the Cards

First Impression – notice the first thought that comes to mind, the first feeling or reaction you had when you turned the cards over. Our first impression is often loaded with intuitive insight, as our non-objective Self have not yet had the chance to jump in…


Body Messages – our intuition tends to communicate its messages through physical feelings; a tight stomach, goosebumps, and so on. Notice the sensations that arise as you look at the cards.


Saying the Card's Name Alouddoing so may sometimes open pathways in the Mind, allowing you access to new information and insights. Notice the feeling that comes when you say the name aloud.


Overall Picture – look at the cards from above and see if there is anything that ties them together; elements, message, direction etc.


The cards lay-out can show us the potential outcomes that may be if we let things run their course. Accept the cards' answers as they come, do not try to pull extra cards just to get the answer you or the querent desire. Some situations are beyond our control and it is our attitude that can make them a more positive or negative experience. The cards may suggest potentialways of coping with situations; a bit like suddenly getting a clue in a dream and pausing before making a decision.

Whether you read for yourself or for others, it is a very personal experience and some cards have slightly different meanings to other Tarot readers. You need to experiment and see what works best for you and develop your intuitive skills as you interpret a lay-out in answer to a question.


Closing a session – when you feel it is time to conclude the session, hold your deck with both hands, silently thanking it for the protection, guidance and insights it has brought to you and/or the querent. Then, reshuffle your deck to clear out any and all energies, and put it back in its designated place.


Are you ready?!

Let's start…



The Cards


The Major Arcana

The 22 Major Arcana cards are here to bring forth major Life lessons, karmic influences, big archetypical themes that influence our lives, and deep changes with long-term effect. They may also represent personal attributes.


1. The Magician – the card of alchemy; where ideas and action come together. The Magician will help you manifest through clear communication, awareness and confidence. He is both the artist and scientist, with the ability to start on his own and succeed in whatever endeavor he chooses to take on.


PodencoThe Podenco is considered one of the most ancient dog breeds, similar in function and type to the Pharaoh hound. If it appears in your spread today, it has come to remind you to keep your trust in the Universe,remain playful with whatever comes your way and be confident about it, as you have what it takes!


KEYWORDS: Originality, self-reliance, spontaneity, willpower, ingenuity, creativity, flexibility, masterfulness, self-control


2. The High Priestess represents the highest form of Mind and Heart in harmony with Intuition. She is an idealized woman, a wise teacher with an intuitive spiritual awareness. She asks you to maintain an open-mind and be receptive to inner guidance;listen and learn.


BeeIf Bee finds its way into your spread today, she is asking you to trust your Heart and follow your instinctual intuition rather than logic, focus onyour Life's path and manifest abundance.


KEYWORDS: Wisdom, serenity, common sense, foresight, objectivity, practicalities, learning and teaching


3. The Empress – she is the embodiment of creative, mature, feminine energy and she is here to help you fulfill your potential. She provides artistic inspiration and perseverance. She represents the fertility of Nature, of mind, spirit or body. Her presence may also signify earthly abundance, actual pregnancies or the birth of an idea.


Hoopoeteaches you how to sing your own song and come into your own personal power. If Hoopoe landed in your spread today, it is here to tell you that the time has come for you to share your creative message and skills.


KEYWORDS: Feminine influence, motherhood, abundance, material wealth, capable of motivating others, level-headed, practical, decisive


4. The Emperor – represents the ultimate masculine energy, materializing thoughts and ideas into concrete reality. May point to an organized and disciplined man; an authoritative figure. He is a natural born leader. He is here to ask you to trust your inner strength to lead you through action, and your decisive rationality to take you all the way!


Eaglehelps reach a higher perspective that enables you to see the whole picture, so that you can get organized, take conscious responsibility and complete the task at hand.


KEYWORDS: Accomplishment, confidence, wealth, stability, authority and male influence; father, brother, husband, boss etc.


5. The Hierophantrepresents the connection to Spirit, understanding and education, ritual and celebration. If he appears in your spread today, he might be here to remind you that life is magical, and to ask you to allow it to inspire you.Might also represent spiritual or legal institutions, or point to mentors, teachers, counselors etc.


Spiderif Spider crawled into your spread today, it is here to help youweave your inner balance so that you could go through the lessons life throws at you with more clarity and ease.


KEYWORDS: Alliance with Spirit, inner-guidance, kindness, humility, ritualism, compassion, vulnerability


6. The Loverscould be the ideal romantic card, signifying the perfectly balanced relationship of Twin Spirits, based on cooperation and harmony; a significant partnership. Could also indicate that a choice must be made and a decision must be taken. Might indicate the need to put something to the test, or it could simply represent artistic people or places.


Seagullif Seagull has landed in your spread today, it is here to teach you of having a true partnership while maintaining your freedom.


KEYWORDS: Love, partnership, reconciliation, beginning of a potential romance, infatuation, decisions, choices, art and beauty


7. The Chariotsignifies forward motion despite the challenges ahead with courage, discipline and self-control; seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Victory, challenges overcome and answers are short to follow. May point to travel and discovery.


Snailteaches you how to sit back in the safety of your shell, let go, and let life lead the way, allowing it to unfold as you move forward. It asks you to trust that perseverance will lead to the breakthrough that will take you where you need to go.


KEYWORDS: Mind over matter, moving forward, facing an external challenge, perseverance, travel


8. Strengthrepresents a person of strong heart and courage, able to withstand anything Life brings on. Represents the power of Love. It also signifies the wild strength of Mother Nature, reminding you to listen to your instincts.


Horseif Horse has come your way today, it is here to awaken your raw intuition for you to be able to jump Life's hurdles with ease. It asks you to connect to Nature and allow its strength and wisdom to guide you through lovingly.


KEYWORDS: Courage, assertiveness, inner-strength, fortitude, high energy levels, success, the power of love


9. The Hermithere to remind us of the precious value of time-out from civic life, asking you to take time to contemplate and connect to the elements around you. Suggests isolation for the sake of internalizing a lesson.


Hermit Crabif Hermit Crab found its way into your spread today, it asks you take a good look inside and release pent-up emotions. Continue your spiritual journey and then share what you have learned.


KEYWORDS: Wisdom, spirituality, connection to higher-self, isolation, sharing of knowledge learned


10. The Wheel of Fortunerepresents cyclical change and couldbring on long-lasting changes; physical changes in the home or work environment, spiritual awakening, changes in social patterns or even complete transformation. It asks you to look out for unexpected opportunities and trust that you are protected and guided throughout the way.


Octopusif Octopus is in your spread today, it asks you to go with the flow without resisting the currents, and it shall grant you the flexibility and ingenuity you need to help you face whatever may come your way.


KEYWORDS: Major life changes, transformation, trust, unexpected opportunities, karmic cycles

11. Justicehere to remind you that what goes around comes around, and to tell you that there is a truth supporting balance around you; if a legal matter is at hand, know that the scales are in your favor, even if the outcome may not see, so at first. It asks you to pay attention to the small details and harmonize what you desire with what is currently possible.


Sheepif Sheep is grazing in your spread today, it is here to assure you all is well and show you your way back to the path of balance.


KEYWORDS: Fairness, balance, compassion, justice, wisdom, truth, legal procedures


12. The Hanged Manif you just hang in there, you may see the potential to turn the page and start over. This card asks you to surrender any illusions of control, accept the consequences of your decisions, get it over and done with, and free yourself up for new adventures.


Flamingoif Flamingo has landed in your spread today, it is here to help you truly feel and process your emotions, so that you may regain balance in life.


KEYWORDS: Let-go, action – reaction, patience, trust, surrender, start over


13. Deathrepresents the end of something old and the beginning of something new. The Death card asks you to let go of nostalgia and outworn loyalties that are holding you back, andbe willing to go through whatever it takes to truly walk your path. May signify the end of a partnership, divorce, financial loss.


Battells you a significant change is coming… Bat is asking you to assist the inevitable change by letting go of old habits/patterns that no longer serve you, and proceed toward the future with trust that whatever it is, it will be for the better.


KEYWORDS: Death for the sake of rebirth, inevitable change, transformation, divorce, financial loss


14. Temperanceself-healing soul journey. Temperance is here to assure you that all will be well, and asks you to trust in Divine Timing. It is recommended to use spiritual practices, or make the lifestyle changes that can help you stand still, as there is great benefit awaiting if you do.


Sea Turtleif Sea Turtle appeared in your spread today, it is here to help you slow down and reconnect with Mother Earth and asks you to trust thatshe will provide whatever you need.


KEYWORDS: Moderation, adaptation, patience, perseverance, balance, purpose, spiritual practice


15. The Devilrepresents our untamed shadow side, living in our subconscious, inseparable from the core of our being. He is here to ask you to allow your passion and primal desire to empower your soul, let go of inhibitions and express who you really are.


Cicadaif the Cicada appeared in your spread today, it asks you to allow your shadow to emerge in all its glorious wildness, and see what changes around it. Remember – when one door closes, another one opens.


KEYWORDS: Shadow-Self, self-expression, sexuality, primal desires, transformation


16. The Towersignifies major sudden changes caused by circumstances that are beyond your control, and therefore should not be resisted. You are asked to acknowledge, accept and observe the unfolding change and trust that it is for a better future ahead.

Mouseif Mouse sneaked its way into your spread today, it is here to teach you how to quickly maneuver through Life's changes with confidence, and adapt to them with ease.


KEYWORDS: Sudden change, chaos, revelation, awakening, deep transformation


17. The Starrepresents the soul's connection to the higher-self and the Divine. You are protected and guided. The Universe is reaching out a helping hand, and is asking you to increase your spiritual practices and pay attention to the synchronicities and signs along your path.


CricketHere to tell you that luck is on your side. If you allow, it will guide you on the path to regain trust in your higher-self and the Divine, and will help you awaken and develop your Sixth Sense.


KEYWORDS: Spirituality, contemplation, meditation, inspiration, renewal of faith


18. The Moonopens up a door to your raw instincts and intuition, which will help you unveil the mysteries in your life. May also signify hidden truths or false friendships. Asks you to rely on your inner resources for guidance and support.


Owlthe guardian of ancient wisdom. It is here to help you unveil the truth, even in the dark of night. If you let go of the fears you hold, you might see the Secrets of Life unfold.


KEYWORDS: Female sexuality, imagination, intuition, subconscious, illusion, hidden truth, false friendships


19. The Sunhere to tell you that you are blessed! Let your light shine with radiant confidence in your natural divinity. Whatever project you have in mind will be a great success. Stay true to your authentic self, allow your creativity to flow freely, and open your arms to abundance and prosperity.


Praying Mantisif you encounter the Praying Mantis in your spread today, it is here to help you tap into higher realms; emotional, mental and spiritual. It asks you to observe your life and trust that all is already good and well.


KEYWORDS: Male sexuality, good luck, success, prosperity, happiness, creativity, vitality


20. Judgementthis card asks you to let go of your past and allow the future to welcome you with abundant growth and change, which will help you transform and release your hidden potentials. Trust your impulses and invest your energies where you see the potential for new growth.


GenetAsks you to let go of self-judgment and allow your personal form to shine, and it will help you reach the balance you require in order to find and realize your hidden potentials.


KEYWORDS: Awakening, reaping results of actions taken, inner calling, absolution


21. The Worldhere to remind you that we are all connected. It signifies achievement, fulfillment and completion; the end of a major long-term project or any other major Life event, such as marriage, childbirth, graduation and so forth. The world is at your feet!


Frogif Frog leaped into your spread today, it is here to tell you everything is OK and to help you navigate through Life's circumstances with ease.


KEYWORDS: Everything is possible, opportunity, clean slate, completion, fulfillment


1. The Foolasks you to let go of preconceived ideas, trust your instincts, and remain open to change. Be spontaneous and stretch beyond the realm of logic. May represent a young, unexperienced individual. The Fool's advice is to release any demands or expectations, and pay close attention to the road ahead.


Lizardif you find Lizard in your spread today, it asks you to let go of expectations, trust your instincts and be attentive to your own perspective and intuition.


KEYWORDS: Trust against all odds, new beginnings, endless opportunities, attention to details, spontaneity, good choices




The Court Cards by Suits and Elements

There are four court cards in each of the four suits. Each Suit is related to its own element and corresponds with the qualities it holds. The Court Cards are separated to ranks, representing four different general types of personality structures and qualities. These could be reflected in the querent, and sometimes could refer to a specific person or situation in his/her life. Each royal rank corresponds with a different level of maturity and is also linked to an element of its own, which is then combined with the element of the suit; Pages=Earth, Knights=Fire, Queens=Water, Kings=Air. And, despite their gender based titles, the court cards are betterread as gender-neutral.


The Suit of Wands = Fire = Spring = Live Energy Realm & Action; represent growth and development, enterprise and ambition, dynamic and social activities, and could also indicate a potential creative direction.


Page (earth) of Wands (fire)represents a child or a young person of an optimistic free-spirited nature. He brings a message of potential travels or new studies.

Antif Ant is in your spread today, it asks you to embrace your own power and strength, and teaches how to recognize and take your role within the community.


KEYWORDS: Free-spirit, adventure, ambition, optimism, good news, studies, travel

Knight (fire) of Wands (fire)represents a creative teenager or young adult; energetic, sexual, sometimes over-enthusiastic temperamental risk-taker. He could also signify a change of home, or a journey into the unknown.

Sea UrchinTeaches how to maneuver through Life with tenacity and patience, and how to apply focused action. Under his guidance – everything is possible!


KEYWORDS: Easily provoked temperament, ambition, creativity, focused action, sexual energy, risk-taker


Queen (water) of Wands (fire)represents an inwardly mature individual. Has great social skills and knows her worth. In control, focused on her desires and gets what she wants by action. She is sexual, passionate,generous, loving and understanding.

Waspif Wasp is buzzing in your spread today, it calls for perseverance, focus, desire and action, and teaches how to bring forth thoughts and words into reality.


KEYWORDS: Inwardly mature, confidence, passionate and understanding, desire and action, manifestation


King (air) of Wands (fire)represents an outwardly mature individual. He is honest & wise, passionate & charismatic, creative & innovative, oversees & delegates; a powerful & visionary leader, and he is here to reassure you that new projects and beginnings will bare fruits.

Dragonflyif Dragonfly flew into your spread today, it is to show you that you are capable of swift changes, and to help you gain the flexibility and fresh perspective needed to do that.


KEYWORDS: Outwardly mature, honesty, wisdom, father figure, initiative, delegation


The Suit of Cups = Water = Summer = Emotional Realm & Relationships; represents qualities of love and care, creative imagination, and the fluidity and movement of emotions related to partnerships, relationships and family.


Page (earth) of Cups (water)represents a gentle caring child or youth with an artistic temperament and a spiritual nature. He may carry a message of new potential romance or friendship.

Seahorseif Seahorse is floating in your spread today, it is here to guide you safely through rough emotional waters, as he is able to see all sides of a situation.


KEYWORDS: Gentle, artistic, spirituality, high temperament, potential new romance


Knight (fire) of Cups (water) represents a dreamy teenager or young adult; a diplomatic peacemaker. He is an imaginative romantic; in love with the idea of love. Starfishif you find Starfish in your spread today, it is time to keep your intuition on alert; strengthen your resolve using the wisdom of your emotions and your inner fortitude.


KEYWORDS: Peacemaker, imaginative, dreamy, romantic, diplomat, intuition


Queen (water) of Cups (water)represents an emotionally mature individual; sensitive, intuitive and empathetic, clairvoyant. Pay attention, as she may bring you messages through dreams.

Jellyfishif Jellyfish appears in your spread today, it is here to help youbalance forwardness in communication with compassion, advising you to simplify your life, flow, trust your intuition, and let things happen!


KEYWORDS: Emotionally mature, sensitive, empathic, intuitive, active sixth sense


King (air) of Cups (water)he is a master of emotions; outwardly calm, yet as passionate as they come. He understands human nature and provides people with the emotional support they need; a powerful healer.

Dolphinif Dolphin swam into your spread today, it is here to reveal the power of rhythm and emotions, help you find proper use of sound and prayer, and show you how to bring forth your desire in a perfectly balanced way.


KEYWORDS: Emotional balance and support, calm yet passionate, healer


The Suit of Pentacles = Earth = Autumn = Physical Realm & Practicalities; represents the physical body, fruits of hard labor, practical concerns and material world based issues, usually related to work, money and possessions.


Page (earth) of Pentacles (earth)represents a curious child or youth, with a motivation to learn new skills and a practical approach to life;learns by doing. He may carry a message of new job opportunities or a new field of studies.

Rabbitif Rabbit hopped into your spread today, it asks you to grab the opportunity presented to you and solve any problem that may come with creativity and ease.


KEYWORDS: Curious nature, motivated student, practical approach, new skills, job or studies


Knight (fire) of Pentacles (earth)represents an already skillful individual; driven & dedicated, practical & methodic, responsible & reliable. He may point to stable long-term projects taking place or unexpected financial gain.

PeacockHolds vision and prestige; if Peacock strode into your spread today, it is here to teach you that your true integrity and beauty is achieved by showing your true colors.


KEYWORDS: Skillful, drive, dedication, reliable, methodic, long-term projects, financial gain


Queen (water) of Pentacles (earth)represents a mature, generous and unselfish individual. She is down to earth and hard-working, trustworthy and true to her word.

GoatGoat is a master of balance; he grants you the confidence to climb to the top, and will help you get down off the ledge, as you take a more sure-footed approach to things.


KEYWORDS: Maturity, stability, hard-working, true to oneself, practical approach


King (air) of Pentacles (earth)he is a master of practicalities; pragmatic, honest and intelligent with a traditional/conventional approach. He may point to steady abundance, and sometimes to a stable long-term romance or business relationship.

Hedgehogif you see Hedgehog in your spread today, he brings you stamina and intuition, and allows clear vision to that which is hidden to others, helping you to find your way in the dark.


KEYWORDS: Practical traditional approach, pragmatic, abundance, long-term projects, strong relationships


The Suit of Swords = Air = Winter = Mental Realm, Mind & Spirit; represents thoughts, mental activity and action, laws, ideas, strategies, etc. it may also represent a natural leader or an ambitious individual. Sward cards are sometimes referred to as "challenge" cards, as they tend to point out the places of difficulty in the querent's life.


Page (earth) of Swords (air)represents a child or youth with quick analytical thinking, but still lacking rational skills; speaks his mind, sometimes tactlessly. He may carry a message of new ideas, the birth of new concepts or unexpected news.

Butterflyif Butterfly flapped its wings into your spread today, it is here to help you gracefully maneuver through major transitions, by bringingmessages of ancient wisdom from your ancestors.


KEYWORDS: Analytical thinking, learning process, tactless, new ideas, unexpected news, fast communication


Knight (fire) of Swords (air)represents a young adult of an idealistic nature; intelligent and sharp-minded, but lacks the maturity to be diplomatic. He follows ideas and logic and is disconnected from emotion, could be sarcastic.

Swallowif Swallow appeared in your spread today, it asks you to use the power of thought to manifest ideas, and teaches you about objectivity and communication in a group environment.

KEYWORDS: Idealistic, intelligent, sharp, disconnection from emotions, sarcasm


Queen (water) of Swords (air)represents a mature, experienced individual with a no-nonsense attitude. She has a sharp mind and a clear vision, gets to the heart of the matter and would rather be honest then liked.

Doveif Dove flew into your spread today, it is here to bring you peace of the deepest kind, and help clear trauma stored in your cellular memory, enabling a smoother walk through Life.


KEYWORDS: Mature, experienced, no-nonsense attitude, honest, clear and sharp communication


King (air) of Swords (air)he is a master of the Mind. Maintaining an objective approach, he overcomes mental challenges by quickly cutting through nonsense or illusions and solving the problem with logic. His presence could point to a skilled talker and writer.

FalconHe is a master of strategy; if you spotted Falcon in your spread today, he will teach you how to see the entire picture while keeping focus on the fine details.


KEYWORDS: Master of the Mind, objective approach, problem-solver, practical and logical thinker, skilled talker or writer







Please, remember that all readings are subjective, and this is twofold. First,there are your own prejudices and level of awareness, and your instinctive response to a client, and then you have the querent's perceptions and point of view to cope with. All of this should be taken into account.

In more challenging cases, where the spread is unclear or the client is all over the place, it is recommended to pull clarifying cards and sometimes even open a new spread. And, remember that humor is a great healer. Acceptance is part of life. If someone has died or one has retired from a cherished work, glossing over it with pep talk won’t work…

Life has a good share of Joy but it also has its sorrows. It is only by acknowledging both with acceptance and dignity that we can consult the decks with a fuller consciousness.

It is important to understand and remember that the cards do not necessarily draw a precise map, but rather point to potential actions and/or outcomes that may take place if you (or your client) choose to take a certain way.

When the reading is over, close the session with a blessing of the cards, yourself and the present querent in any way you see fit, and then I zip youraura like a sleeping bag, all the way from feet to head... It is very important to do so at the end of any psychic work, or you might carry everyone and their troubles with you even in your dreams… if you have forgotten, just make you do it whenever you remember.



We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Great Spirit, to Ibiza and to its magical Animals for sharing their endless wisdom and powerful teachings, and for inspiring us to create this deck so we could share theirknowledge with you.