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Ibiza Tarot - The Oracle of Tanit

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A combination of Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, Bach Flower Remedies, the Phoenician Alphabet all brought together on our beautiful island of Ibiza, with our local deities, symbols and monuments.

A way of learning more about Ibiza, ourselves, our past, present and future, with practical solutions and emotional clarity in the form of Bach Flower remedies with their corresponding characteristics.

Ibiza has always been a place of magic, rest and revelry. A place of conflux of ideas, cultures and spiritual energies. In our personal journey we have created a synergy out of our very own life paths. We met in Goa and Ibiza, a Roman of Incan descent, an Israeli artist, a wandering numerologist, son of an Astrologist and Tarot reader together a Swiss creative and organized mind...catalyzed into a physical, meta-physical, practical, esoteric, learning tool.

The lasting Phoenician influence, the very first verified Alphabet, deriving from the Egyptian hieroglyphs and the starting point for both Hebrew and Greek alphabets happens to have 22 letters, all consonants...

... The Tarot in a simplified form of 22 major Arcana and the court cards, modified to reflect the richness of Ibicenca heritage and tradition, along with the added magical card of Bes, deity of music, dance and sexual pleasure, so aptly reflecting a part of Ibiza.

Thus, we have created 39 cards, which fit in organically with the 38 Bach Flower Remedies along with the 'joker' Rescue Remedy, ascribed to Bes.

Further research into known correspondences with Astrological and Numerological definitions has only added to our enthusiasm and conviction that there is magic on the Island!

Suitable for everyone, from the total neophyte to the practiced professional to the dabbler in materia esoterica or floral-emotional healing.

Ibiza, The playground of the Gods, the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, continues to exercise its joyous transformational influence on us and we have channeled it into a fun and useful game of chance, of luck, of Destiny.

Enjoy the Game!